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Kenyan Outreach: January 11

Kenyan Outreach: January 11

Greetings and salutations…from Kenya, We are happy to announce our team’s safe arrival in Nairobi. We are presently being accommodated by the Moffat Bible College guest house in Kijabe, about 1 1/2 hour drive from Nairobi. Already, this outreach experience has been amazing and continues to get better. The glory of God is with us and we as a team feel blessed to be here. Our first day after arriving we officially met with Pastor Simon, who took us on a tour of Kijabe. We were able to see the people and incredible countryside. This Christian community has many schools, a hospital, and small shops throughout the area. The next morning we were invited to do ministry with the children of Kijabe. It was delightful watching the children interact with our students; God’s goodness was upon all of us. Games, crafts, and a few skits were performed. A highlight was the song and blessings the children sang for our team. It was a great time.

On Sunday we attended Pastor Simon’s church, an awesome experience. Our team performed the “Ragman” skit and we were proud to have Anthony exhibit his talents as a poet for over 500 people. He did an awesome job expressing what God has done for him and representing the Gleanings’ team.

Another great experience was the following Monday when we went up to the orphanage that Pastor Simon oversees; its name is Abba House. It houses over 25 children, boys and girls of all ages. It was worth the bumpy, long ride up the hill. Upon arrival we didn’t expect such a beautiful sight. The provision God has made for the pastor and his kid’s is encouraging. The Abba House is an amazing home. They’re equipped to have running water, but are in need of a pump; so please prayer for provision. Our team assembled greatly to help with any need. Breaking into three groups, one helped put up a fence, the second painted a building that will be the future school house; thanks to Raffael and his painter skills the job was well done. It’s always apparent in these countries that due to lack of resources tasks are usually much harder to complete, just “done the hard way”. For example, they are making a basketball court; men were breaking stones into smaller pieces with sledgehammers for the foundation. Due to lack of a fencepost digger our team was making a hole with rebar and then digging the dirt out by hand. The third group did face painting, crafts, distributed toys. The time was rounded off by performing a few skits and a big hit was the bubbles that were handed out to each child. It was an amazing time to bless the children and at the same time be blessed as a team.

Kijabe Town, up the hill, is where we spent the next two days ministering. The Kenyan public school teachers are currently on strike, allowing us more opportunity to minister to the children, which was Tuesday morning’s activity. After games, crafts, skits, and sharing the gospel, 18 children asked Jesus into their heart. The church has an Awana program the children can attend for future spiritual growth. Breaking into three groups after lunch we visited the local people in their homes, sharing Jesus, encouraging the believers, and praying for them. Next morning was women’s fellowship; the ladies enjoyed some skits, Leti shared her testimony, and Tammy gave an encouraging sermon on prayer. Emily, whom we had visited the previous day, was overjoyed to receive a Bible; she had given hers to the neighbor, who had not returned it.

Wednesday afternoon took most of us into town evangelizing. Motorcycle taxi drivers congregate waiting for business; a conversation was struck up. Fritz decided this would be a good crowd to perform a drama for, those on the other side of the road were also drawn in. Anthony followed up with giving his testimony. Such a radical conversion story hadn’t been heard, and touched their hearts. It seems that the area is highly Christian due to influence of the African Inland Mission (AIC), which has been active over 100 years. Still, we pray to encourage the believers and do meet those who also still need salvation.

Thursday, January 8th – Seems that we are all adjusted to the time difference; nice to have a good night’s sleep again. Today we ministered with the puppets the first time; children roared with laughter as the puppets performed to the song “Who’s in the House?”. Shannon and her team wrote a puppet show for Zacchaeus, teaching about forgiveness and Godly character. A group of children prayed to receive Jesus after the gospel was presented with an Evangecube. Prayer for the sick at the hospital filled the afternoon; teams visited different wards, blessing many.

Please continue to pray for ministry, salvations, and our team health. Some sickness has invaded the team, a virus with fever and coughing, which we would like to see cease. Garrett is much better after a visit to the hospital for rehydration and antibiotics, Philip and Tiffany are on the mend, although Tiffany was still running a fever today (Sat), Alex stayed back today, also fighting symptoms. The children of the DTS team are holding up fine and doing fantastic; as our leaders have said before, the children are “door openers”, the children here love them and especially want to touch the long, blond hair.


Blessings and love from the DTS 2015 Outreach Team in Kenya


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