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Valley Outreach: February 4, 2014

Valley Outreach: February 4, 2014

During the lecture phase student Jamie, leader Heidi, and others felt that the Valley Outreach team needed to have a prayer booth during the outreach phase in the local community. The two ladies ended up creating two signs that said “Free Prayer” and “Oraciones Gratis” (“Free Prayer” in Spanish). They went to at least three different locations to offer prayer over the last month and have found great opportunities for ministry. Their first prayer booth was at a local Mexican market in Dinuba, California. Six people were prayed for and one lady even came back a second time for double prayer. One gentleman even rededicated his heart to God during this time. They were well received at that location. At their second location, they were on a busy street corner in front of a sports bar. A man named Jesse was the first person to respond and come to them. He said that he saw the ladies and decided that we wanted what was on their faces. They told him about Jesus and His sacrifice and by the end Jesse accepted the Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Later on, a flamboyant woman came up to them for prayer. God gave them pictures of this woman and of big decisions she needed to make soon. They gently exhorted her to seek God through her upcoming decisions. She thanked the ladies and went into the bar. She came back out and admitted to Jamie and Heidi that she was the owner the bar and that true to God’s word she did have big decisions coming up for her. She wanted to sell the bar and started afresh. They prayed again and the lady continued on with her day. They prayed for other people throughout their time there and to their surprise the proprietress came out a third time for prayer. She explained more to the ladies about how she didn’t really know why she wore all her religious garb. She figured she was doing the right thing and acting like a Christian. Jamie and Heidi encouraged her again and prayed with her for a third time. The proprietress throughout the began realizing her need to Jesus in her life as a personal friend and Saviour. All the ladies left very encouraged that day.

They also went up to Redding, California to do street ministry with Bethel Church. Before going out on their first outreach, the leader of 10 asked if anyone had any ailments. Most of the group had some sort of bodily pain and she split the team up, those having back problems and those who had other issues. The ones who didn’t have back problems prayed for those who did. The leader said that most people have back issues because one leg is longer than the other. The group prayed earnestly for healing and to the amazement of Jamie, she witnessed a leg grow before her eyes. The four people who had back problems were healed that night before the outreach even started! God encouraged them that night and they went out on the streets to see His leading.

Jamie and Heidi also ended up going the YWAM base in San Francisco. The base there has a ministry called Justice Matters. It opens the base at least once a week to women who are living on the streets. The day is devoted to blessing these women through showers, nail paintings and other necessities. Jamie was surprised when a trans-gender guest, named Penny, sat before her to have her nails painted. It took Jamie a moment to gather her thoughts, but as she did she realized that this person sitting before her was hurting and needed to see the love of Christ. So after the first minute, she got comfortable and painted Penny’s nails. The conversation was good and Penny left seeing Christ in a new light.

A YWAM base along the coast was the next destination for these two missionaries, Jamie and Heidi. A new church was being planted and these ladies couldn’t resist the opportunity to go out and pray for the church and the community.

One day while ministering to our local community, with food bags and supplies, the ladies were left with an extra bag and prayed about where to take it next. As they thought about where to go, they noticed a few children playing outside an apartment complex. They bought a Little Caesar’s pizza, took the extra food and supply bag, and walked across the street. They found a young Hispanic man who was around 23 years old. The children playing outside were his. He had just moved into his mom’s apartment with his children. He took the pizza and bid them a good day. The second visit, to the same apartment, they were able to meet the mother of the children. She excepted prayer from Jamie and Heidi before saying good-bye.

Jamie and Heidi have been hard at work, letting God lead them wherever He tells them to go. Their willing hearts, humble obedience, and courage to step out, has made them an effective team. As a base, we look forward to hear more of God’s miraculous works through them.



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