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Fritz and Cindy Meier (Directors)

Fritz and Cindy are directors here at Gleanings For The Hungry, and oversee all aspects of the ministry. Fritz is Swiss with American citizenship; Cindy is American with Swiss citizenship! Their oldest daughter, Cherise, is married and has two children; Tiffany and Philip are now young adults. Tiffany is a talented artist and attending college; her card collection can be found in the office and on the Gleanings’ website. Philip is part of the Summer Leadership Team and one of the fruit plant managers. The Meier family lead worship together and have traveled worldwide leading outreach teams. They have been serving at Gleanings since 2003.

Fritz′s Peach Poem                                     
Our Personal Newsletter (new!)
Tiffany’s Card Catalog
Philip’s HS Graduation

Lawrence_WebRod and Colleen Lawrence

Rod and Colleen come to us from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Their son Kent plays football in Canada; their daughter Kaleigh attends Vanguard University. Rod supervises truck maintenance and the wood shop, as well as directing ministry to our backpackers. Colleen is our kitchen manager and on the leadership team. They have been at Gleanings since May of 2005.

Newsletter Summer 2017

 Eliane Erickson

Eliane is from Switzerland. She completed her Discipleship Training School at Gleanings in February 2008 and joined staff in September that year. Eliane later married Randy Erickson, who passed away in May 2016. Eliane is here with her two daughters, Liana and Timea. She leads worship and helps in the office.

 Newsletter October2016

2015_Munro_WebsiteJPGSheldon and Carol Munro

Sheldon and Carol Munro completed their Discipleship Training School at Gleanings in 2007. They moved here, with their three children Seth, Kalina, and Kaiden, from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada and came on staff in June 2010. Sheldon is part of our leadership team, supervises volunteer assignments, and oversees base maintenance. Carol home schools Kaiden, and is a coordinator for hospitality and special events.
Newsletter Spring 2017

Al and Norma Gove goveWebsite

Al moved to Gleanings from Anaheim, California in 2002 and did his Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii in 2008. Norma came from Belfair, Washington to attend her DTS and joined Gleanings’ staff after graduating in 2010. They were married at Gleanings on October 23, 2010 and, between them, have ten children and six grandchildren. Al keeps the Peach and Soup plants operating and works in the shop. Norma serves in the kitchen and manages the quilting room.
personal newsletter Dec 2016
Sower’s Kids newsletter Dec 2016

Henrijs and Ilze Janbergs

Henrijs and Ilze completed a Discipleship Training School in Latvia; and first joined Gleanings’ staff in 2007. After serving two years, they had to leave due to immigration issues; after much prayer, and God’s favor, they returned in 2011. They have two young children, Magnuss and Stella. Henrijs serves in the soup plant; Ilze works in the Finance department.

Tanja_Web_2016Tanya Gschwend

Originally from Switzerland, Tanya completed her Discipleship Training School at Gleanings in March 2013 and joined our full time staff later that year. Tanya works with our volunteers to determine when they can come serve at Gleanings. She helps international visitors start their life changing visit by answering questions and assisting with needs that arise.

Chris_Web_2015Christopher Ralston

Christopher is from Felton, California, and joined full time staff in January 2015. He completed his Discipleship Training School here at Gleanings in February 2008. Christopher serves in the soup plant and warehouse, and is part of our Procurement team.

Ragains_WebMark and Lori Ragains

Mark and Lori Ragains attended a Discipleship Training School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with their five children, in 2007. They moved to Gleanings from Orange County, CA.  Their youngest daughters, Amie and Katie, are home-schooled by Lori; she helps with hospitality and special projects/events. Mark maintains our computers and serves in the Media Department. Mark and Lori also serve YWAM United, leading united outreaches to refugees in Greece.  The Ragains have been on staff since December 2015.         Latest Newsletter update

BruEckhoff_Webce Eckhoff

Bruce is from Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada. In 2009, he graduated from his Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii. Bruce has three children and four grandchildren residing in British Columbia. He joined our staff in January, 2016 and manages our Procurement Department.



Pepper_WebKathryn Pepper

Kathryn comes from Vancouver, British Columbia, completed her Discipleship Training School here at Gleanings in 2009.  Kathryn joined us in July of 2016. She serves as an administrative assistant and with the Discipleship Training School.

End of 2016 newsletter

Beginning 2017 newsletter



Tristan Piepmeier

Tristan is groundskeeper at Gleanings, and he’d like to tell you a little about himself: “Hey, Tristan P. here, from Yosemite, California. I completed my Discipleship Training School at Gleanings in March 2015, where I also accepted Christ; my outreach was to Kenya.  I then spent six months at YWAM Kona, before coming here on staff in November 2016.” Tristan is currently at “The Father’s House” in Oroville attending a School of Ministry.


Susan Ross

Susan Ross is Canadian from Mission, BC.  After completing her Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii in January of 2016, she came on staff in November 2016.  Sue is part of the reception and housekeeping staff. This fall they are helping with the Discipleship Training School. They have five sons and five grandchildren back in BC.

 Roger Ambauen
Originally from Switzerland, Roger became an American citizen in 2004. Roger completed his Discipleship Training School at YWAM Los Angeles in 1992; he then served as base staff in LA from 1993 to 1999. He was on staff at Gleanings For The Hungry from 2000 to 2003, before completing a School of the Bible at YWAM Tyler, TX. YWAM San Francisco; Curitiba, Brazil; and Burtigny, Switzerland are all places where Roger worked short term in food service, as DTS staff, and a vehicle driver. Roger returned to Gleanings For The Hungry as staff in March 2017. He serves in the kitchen and the landscaping department and in the summer drives truck to pick up fruit.
Bethany Waits

Bethany is from Tacoma, Washington. She completed her Discipleship Training School in Northern Ireland in 2012. After participating in the summer staff program in 2016, Bethany decided to join Gleanings’ staff in April of 2017. Bethany is working in the soup plant, peach plant, the warehouse, Summer Staff Internship program, and is on staff for the DTS.


Anthony Lymber

Tony’s first stint at Gleanings For The Hungry was from 2007-2009. He has had many adventures during the past nine years, which have included working at YWAM New Orleans helping rebuild their campus after Hurricane Katrina and serving on staff at YWAM Woodcrest, TX, YWAM Phoenix, YWAM Nashville, and YWAM Metro in Smithtown, NY. Tony also likes to learn and has attended the School of Apostolic Pioneering, Bible Core Course, School of Ministry Development, and a School of Worship. His skills as a chef, groundskeeper, IT, and worship leader, are an asset to the ministry.