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Children of Grace

Gleanings For The Hungry has partnered with Mission of Grace to help the needy in Carries, Haiti, since 2011. Mission of Grace was founded in 2009 by Miss Lynn Joseph and her husband, Jean. Our first connection with Miss Lynn occurred during a trip to Haiti in 2010, with the plan to build an orphanage and when our more steady partnership began, Gleanings began providing both food and supplies, including donated solar panels.

Mission of Grace has grown in many ways; their ministries include an elderly home, schooling children, an orphanage, and a medical clinic.

School_Web_SizeGrace Community School


$100 per year for individual child sponsorship
$30 per year for child uniform and books
$500 per month to feed 80 kids breakfast and lunch
$1500 per month payroll for 4 teachers, 2 cooks, 2 helpers, and 1 security guard

Orphanage_Web_Size_2Children of Grace Orphanage


$50 per month for individual child sponsorship
$1000 per month payroll for 5 nannies and 1 security guard
$1000 per month for food, water and cooking supplies

You can help support this amazing ministry God has started in Carries. If you live in the USA, you can send a check, with a note saying Kim O’Dwyer, Serving in Haiti, to our PO Box address below or donate online.

Gleanings for the Hungry
PO Box 309
Sultana, CA 93666

If you live in Canada, you can send a check, with a note saying Kim O’Dwyer, Serving in Haiti, to the address below.

YWAM Canada
Project Funding office
PO Box 57100
Vancouver, BC V5K 1ZO

You can also stay in touch through Mission of Grace’s newsletters by subscribing to their mailing list at their website.