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What To Expect

We’ll be working in areas of communication/media, mercy ministries, music/art & therapy, evangelism, doing a stadium event & running a mini-DTS with YWAM Athens while we are there. If you have a specific area you are interested in working with, before or during the outreach, please let us know right away! Please understand that, as with any outreach, we’ll do whatever is needed in Athens, with a heart to serve. A major component of this outreach will be sitting with people, hearing their story, and sharing love and Jesus with them.

Our weekly schedule will look something like this:
8    Breakfast & prepare sack lunch
9    Morning worship, intercession & testimonies with YU
10  Work assignments- we will be integrated in ministry teams with those from other bases
11  Travel to and work in assigned ministry for the day
5    Team dinner & debriefing at the end of each day.

*Saturday will be our Sabbath & day off
*Sundays, we’ll attend Greek churches which we’ll be ministering alongside throughout the outreach, and will seek to be a blessing to their congregations through joining or ministering in the services, meals, and helping on projects in their churches.

YWAM United:
We are a united effort formed to respond to the refugee crisis in Greece, by partnering with existing ministries & churches in Athens, to implement creative and sustainable solutions which will address the unmet needs of the refugees, and be a witness of the Gospel and the limitless love of Jesus Christ to the displaced people He has placed in Greece.  We believe in the importance of strategic and intentional ministry. We are committed to prayer, acknowledging that the best strategy comes when we are submitted to the Holy Spirit. We will choose to lead and serve from a place of love, in our communication, planning, serving & in how we relate to each other.  We believe it is important to be strategic in having a long-term mindset through what we establish, understanding that we’re building a foundation for the future. We believe it’s important to take action when we are capable of being the answer to an issue. We are committed to doing the proper research in areas we can partner with and finding areas of need that aren’t being met in order to enter Greece as a blessing and as contributor, rather than rogue ministries. We are committed to making a lasting and notable impact.