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God is so faithful, and his abundance is evident.  So often we brag on God’s abundance in terms of the amount of ingredients donated, or the volume of soup produced during a week.  We have been noticing His abundance and blessings in our midst in various other ways as well:  Just look at all of those young people here as summer staff!  Our summer staff program is alive and well!  These interns are faithfully running peach plant operations, and ministering to teams as they come to work.  We got some candid pictures of a few of our summer staff last week.  Clearly hard work is not the only thing that goes on around here!

The teams that came and served this week were from Eastern Oregon all the way down the Pacific Coast to San Diego, CA.  What a great mixture of people, talent, work, fun and ministry!  Every week there have been some testimonies of people being healed, and set free while they are here.  Over 500 bins of fresh fruit were processed this week, as well as 163,000 servings of soup mix!