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We have had some amazing times in our morning chapel services this summer in conference calls directly with partner ministries!  Conference calling into foreign countries can present interesting challenges to be sure, but it has been so exciting to connect with our ministry partners.  Recently we connected with a ministry in Colombia who is a new partner for Gleanings, but already we see such rich blessing from the Lord through this connection.  We bridged in a long time YWAM ministry friend in Colombia to bridge the gap in languages.  Steve Bartel translated back and forth to facilitate our conference call.  During the call, we were also joined by another ministry team member who was actually distributing food live while we were on the call!  We heard from a recipient who along with her husband and child had fled the impoverished nation of Venezuela.  We were able to pray a blessing for her, and to encourage her that food from Gleanings would be on it’s way right to her home town of origin in Venezuela as well!