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Discipleship Training School 2012/2013




Paul and Rose Shorb

Wes and Jenny Bruce (Eli and Finn)

Babette Jordan

Ernie DeaverTanya Gschwend

Olivia Melendez

Demi Blom

Brynn Ritchey

Harley Sadler


Fritz and Cindy Meier

Andrzej and Charne Gooch

Kathryn Pepper

Charity Stine


Jim and Ralene Stine

The Fall Discipleship Training School here at Gleanings is fast approaching the end of the 12 week lecture phase.

We have eleven students who have set aside five months of their lives to come to Gleanings for an intensive time of lectures, community living and serving. Learning about God, about who we are in Him and how to live a life that will bring glory to Him. Topics covered included ‘The Father Heart of God’ (Joe Ferrante), ‘Spiritual Warfare’ (Dean Sherman), Hearing God’s Voice (Donna Jordan), ‘Spiritual Authority’ (Dave Gustaveson), ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ (Ken Bluemel), ‘Intimacy With Christ’ (Dale Harrison), ‘Person and Work of Jesus’ (Peter Iliyn), ‘Plumbline’ (Jerry Praetzel). The rest of the line-up is ‘Fear of the Lord’ (Donna MacGowan), ‘Questions and Answers’ (Peter Warren) and ‘Missions’ (John Bills)

The lecture phase concludes just before Christmas and soon after the new year the team will be leaving for an outreach phase of two months. The first month includes reaching out to Native American Tribes in Arizona while the month of February will be spend in Israel. A container of food (soup, dried fruit) and quilts has already been shipped to Israel and should be waiting for the team when they arrive at their destination.

In both locations our students will get the chance to distribute food and quilts and have the opportunity to share the compassion of the Father with people. We appreciate your prayers for safe travels, good contacts and open hearts for this time of reaching out.

Please pray for finances for students and staff for the outreach phase. Several folks still need substantial amounts to be able to go on outreach!

Graduation is scheduled for the first week of March 2013.

Below is just a small sampling of pictures taken during the lecture pha.