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I want to show you some pictures – glimpses of what a great week we had last week.  However, looking at these pictures one might start wondering what is so great about them.  They are nice quality pictures, sure – but there’s nothing there that stands out as really different from what we did all the previous weeks of summer.  Nothing that pops.  The fact is even though they say a picture is worth a thousand words -even words fall short of the life-changing power of the presence of God.  We planned worship and a guest speaker during our love feast celebration dinner on Friday evening as is our practice during the summer.  We put out special decorations.  We prepare a special meal.  We even have special lighting and ambiance for the festivities.  We do all this as a way to thank our volunteers for the week.  Somehow in the midst of all of our plans and preparations, the Holy spirit starts marvelously touching people, ministering to them, changing lives.  During worship I noticed a high school aged guy get down on his knees in worship, spontaneously worshipping the King of Kings.  One of his friends joined him, sharing the moment.  Beautiful.  Then out of the corner of my eye, I notice the young adult next to me is actually crying.  in moments I was witness to the fact that the Holy Spirit was ministering to this young man in the deep places of his soul.  The pictures may not show it, but Summer can really be a fantastic time of ministry!