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This week. we still had the perk of enjoying only a four-day work-week. With the Easter holiday, work began a day later than normal, on Tuesday. All the same, we knew these four days had a lot in store for us.

The number of our short-term volunteers started at about 76 people from three different groups; most of them were from junior high to high school age. (Spring break has been good to us at Gleanings!) Even though a couple groups left earlier in the week, we still had all the help we needed between the last church group and a home school day group that arrived on Friday.

At Thursday morning chapel, prayer took place for all the youth who feel they’re being called into missions. This was also the last chapel service for the largest group, Big Valley Youth Ministries; many of them shared about their experience here and how they were blessed.

Later that morning, we prayed for a container of soup mix heading for Uganda; one of our staff members, Abigail, shared a little about her outreach experiences in Uganda. She gave the group an idea of where the food was going as she painted a picture of great need.