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Look what God has done

“It is amazing to see what God has accomplished in 25 years with the help of many people who have labored in love to get where Gleanings is today! —We remember when it was just a deep calling on Wally Wenge’s heart to start a Joseph Ministry and how God called him to this area. God opened the place in Sultana in 1983.  It started with one conveyer belt and many hands to do the cutting and hulling. (Today Gleanings has three conveyor belts and three food machinery cutters.)  At that time we slept in the old dining room in sleeping bags and Wally and Norma in a very small travel trailer until we could build the first apartment building.  Now Gleanings has 6 mobile homes, boys’ and girls’ dorms, an 8-unit motel, a duplex, a triplex, and a new facility that includes a kitchen, dining room, conference room and chapel.  God has truly blessed this ministry and we are so thankful and blessed to have had a small part in it.”

Gil & Alice Vierra, Dinuba, California

“Early on, we sat down with Wally and listened as he shared his dream of a Plant that would fulfill the Joseph ministry: a ministry that would take food from this valley and provide for the hungry. How could we possibly tell anyone about Jesus when their stomachs were screaming louder than words. Little is much in the hands of the Lord —we caught the dream. Through our volunteering at Gleanings for 15 years and bringing teams, many adults have learned that one week of their lives can make a difference for eternity in the lives of others.”

Pastor Paul & Rose Shorb, Faith Assembly, Lacey, Washington

“Gleanings For The Hungry is a blessing in so many ways! We three have traveled there more than thirty times, always being blessed tremendously by the ministry. The prayer, praise, and fellowship sets each day off in the right direction—God’s direction! And the people who receive the food overseas are blessed—yes, saved from starvation or malnutrition and are turned toward God as they see His love poured out on them! Thank you Gleanings staff and co-volunteers for the blessing you are to us and the untold numbers around the world. You surely are a blessing of and to the Lord!”

Curt, Jonna, and Lisa Askim, Santa Rosa, CA

“Having volunteered at Gleanings part of each year for 15 years, we have seen the miraculous way God provides for the hungry of the world through the generosity of His kids who He has entrusted with much.”

Ralph & Linda Konkol, Idaho
“Working at Gleanings has been a great learning experience in team work. I don’t think I’ve worked harder in my whole life! Being part of the praise & worship was a rich and healing experience in entering the holy of holies. It has also been great to meet people from all over the world.”

Barbara Smoody, Washington

“This summer I went to this amazing camp called Gleanings. If you ever have a chance to go take it and go it is so amazing. This trip is all about processing peaches. We make dried peaches to send to mutiple starving countries. I have to say that it was a semi hard work but it was definently worth it, because when you know that you are helping starving people all the hard works feels really great. This was such a great experience, i met so many new people and the people who work and live their are so amazing. I love it their so much that i almost cried when we left. The food is great too its not like crapy camp food. All my friends who went loved it so much. The best part though was knowing that your helping starving people.

Kaila (2008 summer participant)