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Fritz Peach Poem



If I were a peach
What would I preach,
If I were a Gleaning’s nectarine
How would I explain my doctrine?
Gleanings saved my life from going rotten
Just like you were saved by the only begotten
When I was dumped in that wooden bin
I lost my hope I could not see myself win
Until I found myself on a belt to be inspected
Some hands touched me and I felt respected
to go on and be washed in the trough
I enjoyed the swim before it got rough
Somebody forced me to lay stem up
I looked up and saw the sharp knife coming from the top
Surely my life is over I will get smashed
What a waste after I just got washed
Sliced in three pieces I lay on the belt
It happened so fast I haven’t even felt
The removal of my hard heart
I was changed in an instant made new like a piece of art
As my core was tossed to the middle
My future seemed like a riddle
What am I going to be now
What am I going to do and how
I would find out soon
They lay me on a tray to turn me into a prune
After being sulphured for the night
I gave up without a fight
I had a week to think in the field
Outward I shriveled up but inside I got healed
Ready to face the world
I fell of the tray and was hurled
Into a bucket down the shoots
And lay there with a lot of other fruits
My destiny only God knows
I will become a snack for someone God choose
God’s blessing to a hungry Child
I feel Jesus’ love and how He smiled
To use me in this way
To make some hungry persons day
I’m proud to be of use
I will travel to the end of the world like a cruise
Who could have thought that earlier day
When in that call bin I lay
That’s my message today
That if you feel low and you pray
Lord what is your plan with me
How do I hear you what is the key
God is using the broken and the bruised
About this don’t be confused
God has never anybody refused
That comes to Him with an open heart
He is ready to impart
This is the day for a new start
Don’t look at your neighbor God is talking to you
Speak to Him in faith He will make something new
Out of your life that you will never regret
So get out of the boat and get wet

God bless you all