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The Summer Staff Internship at Gleanings For The Hungry is a dynamic, servant-leadership development program focused on mobilizing young adults to produce nutritious dried food for the hungry around the world and to serve as a team in Christian community.


Our director’s vision for the Summer Staff Internship is to see the lives of young servant leaders transformed by the love of God through daily surrender.  “Every year our team gathers at the gates of Gleanings and applauds as each Summer Staff intern drives away transformed.” -Andy Rotunno, Summer Staff Internship Director.


Our team’s mission is made up of five verbs:

  • COVENANT graciously with one another for the way we will think, speak and act together
  • LEAD by being an example of Christ-like servant leadership to the Gleanings family and community
  • FEED the poor and needy by working hard, safe and smart as a team to make dried fruit and soup mix
  • RE-FUEL by resting well consistently, and by making healthy choices as individuals for the sake of the team
  • CELEBRATE the presence of God, our growing relationships, the reaching of goals, and safe, quality work


The Summer Staff Internship runs 13 weeks beginning the end of May and ending in late August.  (2019:  May 26-August 24)  During their time commitment young adults in the program will be welcomed, trained, challenged, coached, encouraged, mentored, evaluated, promoted , loved and thoroughly affirmed.  It is our desire to offer young people the most opportunity we can within a summer here at Gleanings—we champion young people!  To learn more about specific program details download and read the Summer Staff Packet.



  • Must be between 17 (going on 18) and 25 years of age
  • Must make a minimum commitment of four consecutive weeks
  • The cost is $100 a month to cover costs (meals, housing, etc)
  • Apply online by April 15 this year

Contact Us:
Andy Rotunno, Summer Staff Internship Director             andy@gleanings.org
Britta Jones, Summer Staff Internship Assistant Director      Britta.noel@yahoo.com
Fritz Meier, Gleanings For The Hungry Base Director      fritz@gleanings.org