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We have been engaged with and been blessed by Gleanings for the Hungry for 20 years now.

Our first engagement was to help with dried fruit packaging; to get a higher density of fruit inside

the buckets. The second engagement was an additional fruit cutting machine and removal of the cut

fruit cores onto a second conveyor to save labor. Going to work at Gleanings repairing the

drying trays is always good fellowship and exercise a few days a year.

Recently we have had the blessing of helping the Gleanings team purchase a new dried soup

packaging machine that will improve the packaging speed when there aren’t enough

volunteers available to keep up with needed production. The dried soup volume is increasing

and we desire to fully serve our ministry partners.

As we are now in our 70’s, it’s time to re-imagine and re-evaluate our estate planning and

giving to the Jesus ministries that we know and love. We want our contributions to be

productive to Kingdom work so we are planning now and getting our assets in order and

explaining to our loved ones our desires when we go to be with Jesus.

John Nugier

Volunteer, Gleanings For The Hungry