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We are half way through Summer, and this week has been a week of celebration. I feel like Psalm 145:13-19 is a perfect reflection, to sum up, God’s work here at Gleanings for this first part of Summer.

“You are the Lord that reigns over your never-ending kingdom,
You are faithful to fulfill every promise You’ve made.
You manifest Yourself as “Kindness” in all You do!
Weak and feeble ones, You will sustain.
Those bent over with burdens of shame, You will lift up.
You have captured our attention, and the eyes of all look to You.
You give what they hunger for, at just the right time!
When You open Your generous hand, it’s full of blessings,
Satisfying the longings of every living thing!
You are right in everything You do;
And Your love is wrapped into all Your works.
You draw near to those who call out to You,
Listening ever closely.
Every one of Your godly lovers receives
Even more than what they ask for!
For You hear what their hearts really long for
And You bring them Your saving strength!”

Over and over again we’ve been surprised how God can use a simple little peach and do things beyond or understanding. We have processed 2,951,000 Lbs. of fresh fruit, which made 1,936,75 Lbs. dried fruit.  We also made 34,761 Lbs. of soup this Summer, or 871,047 servings.

It’s been incredible to be that little puzzle piece in God’s bigger picture. But not only that, not only will that little peach be saving hungry people all over the world, but it has already touched every heart who worked with it here at Gleanings.  People have been experiencing God’s realness and were encouraged to be used by Him in all their imperfection.

Here are two summer stories I’d like to share:

“Upon arriving, I realized very rapidly just how unqualified and unprepared I am to be a peach plant manager. I still sometimes wake up and think that I have absolutely nothing to give or offer today. But God has been faithful to remind me each day that He has given me everything I need for to handle any situation what may come up and that I can do everything through Christ. And as I stand on that truth, I have never once felt helpless or without a support. The way he has cared for my emotional, spiritual and physical well-being has blown my socks off.” -Noey

“Most of the time to receive peaches from farmers is more like a business. But this Summer one of the packers called me and almost begged that we would take their peaches, otherwise he would be heartbroken to have to throw them away. I haven’t had that happen before, it was encouraging to feel the heart behind it.” -Fritz

I hope you all are encouraged and we can’t wait to see what kind of story God is writing for the next half of the Summer. Stay tuned!