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This week has come to an end way too fast. Seems like it began just yesterday. So much has happened. We made a little over a million servings of soup this week. We had a mid-week group of 50 people and many extra tasks were taken care of with their help: weeding, repairing trays, washing buckets, etc…

There were 2 containers of humus going out this week; also 16 pallets of rice crisps, noodle bowls and fish sauce stir-fry paste, forwarded from an outside donor to ministry partners. We’ve been blessed with many more products coming in, including empty barrels, 13 pallets of Odwalla bars, 4 truckloads of Odwalla juice and 1 load of potato products for our soup mix.

On Fridays, we ask our volunteers to share their experience here through the week. This week has blown our socks off, to hear the stories God has done through work and through people who come here and are willing to be Jesus to one another.

I left the best for last; we celebrated a long time volunteer Russ’s 98th birthday this week, and in his own words, “It has been the best birthday ever, serving his Lord.”

It has been a week full of joy and laughter.

Have a glimpse of it in the photos below.