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It’s the last week of summer season here at Gleanings. The nature tells us, it’s almost fall. But in the spiritual realm it’s been Spring time here all week.

The leader from the Won By One team shared that in the Bible there are many stories but they all have a common theme. It’s saying YES to God. It’s a choice but when you choose to say YES You Encourage the Spirit to move through you and take you on an adventure filled life with God.

This week there were many yeses. That means that the rains came and many new spring buds were starting to grow in people hearts. It’s been a week of celebrating new life in Christ.

This song was lived out this week:

It’s always like springtime with You, making all things new

Your light is breaking through the dark

Bringing joy, bringing life

You make me come alive

Lots of work was done to finish up the season. Major cleanups – cleaning the plant and forklifts, cleaning around the tray shed and organizing trays, emptying dorms, repainting some walls, making soup and of course finishing to bucket the last dried fruit. Great week with great people.

Thank you all who came to serve alongside us this Summer, without you we couldn’t do what we did. Your hands, prayers and financial support have been greatly appreciated and work done with excellence as unto the Lord. Thank you from all the Gleanings staff. Till next season…