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Spring is slow in coming to California this year. The trees have announced its arrival with their beautiful blossoms, but the cold and rain won’t let go of their grip.

Nevertheless, He is faithful! His work never wavers here at Gleanings. Last night at our Love Feast, Agnes Wolfe, a pioneer of Gleanings, shared memories and pictures of its early beginnings. Sometimes we need to go back and see where we’ve come from and remember the great things God has done. And, so in our own lives too.

A report from the warehouse and the soup plant this week: a truck to Convoy of Hope with 41,969 lbs. of soup, lots of potatoes dumped and readied for use, 1.3 million servings of soup prepared, and one mouse caught.

A few days ago, Rod said good bye to the grader and loaded it up for its trek home again: ”Farewell old friend”. It’s been here at Gleanings for 4 years now, a loan from a construction company owner, Brett Wells. Originally lent to us so we could prepare our field for the drying fruit, it has stayed around and blessed us again and again with the many projects here on the base. Brett is just one example of the many people who sow into this ministry that are hidden from view, except to God. I think also of a lady close to 90 years old who has sewed almost 500 quilt tops at her home. Others have worked at home to find product donations for us. And how could we exist without our faithful financial contributors, or all the people praying for this ministry? We thank all who serve us without recognition or reward. We know that there is One who sees.