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98 years old and still serving the Lord here at Gleanings! Russ and Carole have been coming here to Gleanings 10 years now. Russ will be celebrating his 99th birthday next month. Last night at our Love Feast, Russ shared memories of a long- life walking with the Lord: World War II, the loss of his first wife, and God’s goodness and mercies. Our shepherd leads us in times of blessings and in the hard times. God redeems it all. Russ, you are an inspiration to us all!

Thank you, Grace Bible Church for helping to prepare over a million servings of soup this week. As I walked around the base, I could hear the sounds of hammering coming from our tray shed as they repaired our broken trays to use for our summer fruit. You were a blessing! A truck went out to Convoy of Hope and a container to Guatemala’s Hope of the Nations.

Hope of the Nations is another Gleanings story of how our Shepherd leads us. More than 8 years ago, Eric and Lisa Rivera came to Gleanings to do a Discipleship Training School (DTS). On their outreach to Guatemala, God revealed to Eric that he would one day serve this country. After 8 years working in our Procurement Dept. (Eric) and Finance Dept. (Lisa), they knew the time had come to move to Guatemala and fulfill God’s calling for them there. Now, a little over a year later, they are feeding over 28,000 children a day!

It’s a bright and sunny day here with pink blossoms lining our street and snow- capped mountains. One of those moments when nature reminds us of our faithful shepherd.