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 “You gave abundant showers, O God; you refreshed your weary inheritance”.  Ps.68:9

Boy, has He ever! In answer to our prayers, we have been abundantly blessed with precious rain on our thirsty land these last few weeks, making them some of the wettest on record.

Along with the natural outpouring of rain, we are praying for a spiritual outpouring on our Gleanings team in Greece right now, ministering to the refugee camps. Gleanings sent six staff to be part of a YWAM group of over 300 people to feed the hungry and share the Gospel with those forced to leave their countries in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, back at the base here at Gleanings, we have been blessed this week with a homeschool group, “Bakersfield Love to Serve”. These dynamic young people have prepared an amazing 1,439,343 servings of soup this week! Trucks have gone in and out, as we sent a container of food to Guatemala and received potatoes and beans from Convoy of Hope in Missouri.  We packed their truck for the return trip with fruit and soup to help stock their ministry of feeding hungry children.

Then, Thursday night, as we resumed our Love Feasts, Bruce Eckhoff delivered God’s timely and appropriate word to us: “We are better together”.

And so it is.  Thank you Lord.