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This week has been very unique and special. Starting with morning sharing time, to having a group of people with disabilities to come and serve with us at the end of week, we were reminded of one of the most common lies the devil tries to get us all believe ‘something is wrong with you. You lack in some way!’ He made each of us unique and there is no one created exactly like us in the whole world. Sometimes, we may feel like a peach who was labeled ‘NO GOOD’ in the eyes of the world, but in God’s eyes we are labeled ‘MOST EXCELLENT IN EVERY WAY’, the very best to be used by Him.

Our brothers and sisters from Young Nak church taught us how to have joy in simple things, oh, and I have to tell you, the joy this week was not only great but very contagious.

We are so thankful for weeks and moments like these, because like our love feast speaker Sysco said, we are like gold in the Master’s hands, and He purifies, and purifies, and purifies us until He sees his reflection in us. This week felt like a lot like that in some or other way.

Yes, work also got done, but I think the work on hearts was far greater!

In the pictures you will not be able to find a lot of group photos, because I think God was highlighting the individual beauty, inside and out, this week.

You are altogether beautiful, beautiful in every way, there is no flaw in you! – Song of Songs 4:7