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American, Canadian, Swiss, British, Latvian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Chinese, Brazilian, German/Norwegian- all these nationalities have been represented here at Gleanings this week.

First thought that came to my mind was the tower of Babel. I was wondering how this week will turn out.

In the Bible the story goes like this: Then God gave them different languages, so they wouldn’t understand each other, because their hearts were selfish and sought their own fame and power.

This week it was so opposite here. I have to tell you, it was wonderful. It wasn’t chaotic, it was peaceful. It felt like FAMILY. God loves people so He sent all these nationalities to be here, work together, and accomplish great things. The purpose was not to seek our own fame and glory, or to prove our differences, beliefs and rights, but we worked together, loved, helped and encouraged each other, and did it all to give God the glory.

As a result, another Thursday summer record was broken by processing 200,000 Lbs. of fresh fruit, that is 200 bins of peaches processed in one day.

All I have to say, God is GOOD and He works in wondrous ways. This week have been a proof of it. Yes, He is GOOD!