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Blessing is our theme this Summer and I cant’s think of a better word about the teams who are here this week. Over and over again they have expressed that this year it’s been especially important for them to come and bless the Gleanings staff and ministry so we would continue prosper in all we do. And they truly have done that.

Working with peaches, washing buckets, cleaning and fixing trays has been their main job. In parallel with that, they replaced broken door knobs, unloaded a truckload of barrels, and completed many landscaping projects. One of the biggest projects was to transform the brown grass in a number of RV sites to beautiful rock gardens.

We love to make time for the teams that come – but this week it seemed like the teams were the ones reaching out to the staff and our kids.  It’s been a great week.

I think Jesus is smiling and saying:” Well done, my good and faithful servant!