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As soon as the yellow bus entered Gleanings gates, I knew the week would be awesome, because yellow bus means one thing – Fired Up is here! And they mean business!  They work hard, they play hard and they worship hard.  They are kids with a heart for God and a heart to serve and honor each other.

It’s been only a week since this team arrived, but looking back at the work done, it’s seems like a whole month has gone by. Major clean-ups have been done; most of the property has been weeded, playground flooring restructured, buckets washed, soup plant deep cleaned and of course the peach plant began running.

You can smell peaches and sulfur in the air together, with a smell of great joy and accomplishment. But above all else, I smell Jesus this week. I smell him in this team, as they continue to be kind towards each other and spiritually beautiful in spite of the heat and hard work.

Gleanings has been blessed by them!

Thank you!