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These words hung momentarily in the air as I processed them, when our director, Fritz, spoke. It’s not just a feeling; you can see it.

I saw it this week in the Solana Beach/ Rancho Bernardo team. Solana Beach has been coming here to serve since 2002, and has presented us with over 300 quilt tops made at their church. Their dedication and hard work this week has resulted in 23 finished quilts!

I saw it when a truck from Canada brought us a load of peas for our soup, and when a man who sometimes volunteers here stopped by to load up his pick-up with food to take to Mexico. And, there it was again this Thursday morning when 31 homeschoolers showed up and dumped products all day for the soup. And, how else can a life like Fred and Margie Stocks, who shared at our Love Feast, be explained? They were missionaries for 40 years in Pakistan.

I see love in our dedicated staff who commit to serve here, not deterred, in spite of the trials and challenges of life they must navigate. One of them, Norma, joined the Magdalene Project on Valentine’s Day, and some volunteers here at Gleanings helped them by preparing bags of toiletries, Bibles, and treats to pass out to the homeless in Visalia. One woman who received a bag said that her husband had passed away a week- ago and she didn’t think she’d ever get a valentine again.

Yes, love looks like many things here at Gleanings. It looks like the hundreds of faces that come here every year to serve and support feeding hungry people in this broken world.