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Well, it’s Friday again, and what a week we’ve had!
Arbor Road Church from Long Beach and First Christian Church of Santa Maria were here with us, as well as some friends from Canada, Switzerland, China, and beyond.

We made new friendships, rekindled old ones, produced over 813,000 servings of dried soup, repaired many pallets and trays in the woodshop, and had a blast doing it! Praise God!

This week’s big excitement, however, was in the quilt room, where they produced 52 quilts, beating the previous record of 50 quilts made in one week. Way to go quilters!!

We had the privilege of closing this week together by praying over two containers being shipped out, one to Haiti full of peaches, and another to Greece, with 34 quilts made just this week, and several pallets of soup.

Thank you to our teams and volunteers, and all of you praying for us – to God be the glory!