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Hello from Port-au-Prince, Haiti,
Last Sunday after church service we “suffered for Jesus” as Pastor
Peter amazed us with a delicious feast at his home. We thank you,
Lord, for the variety of food and fresh vegetables, after lots of
beans and rice. Our final day in Pignon, Monday, a few native boys led
us on an early morning hike up the nearby mountain, giving a great
view of the city. The rest of the day was spent playing with the
children and we all had a blast cooling off with a water balloon toss.

We’re now serving with YWAM, living in a large house, with a tent city
nearby. As we experienced our first rain here last night we thought of
and prayed for the many desperate Haitians living in tents. We are
blessed to have a foam mattress to sleep on, inside plumbing, a
swimming pool, a stable roof over our heads, and three meals a day. We
eat lots of beans and rice, but that’s OK! We only have electricity a
few hours a day, but that’s OK! Sometimes the water isn’t running
through the faucets, but that’s OK! There is a cistern outside and we
can pull the rope up and have a bucket full of water, and we have
purified water to drink, so that’s OK!  We do our laundry outside by
hand, but that’s OK! We’re getting eaten by mosquitos, but that’s just
not OK!

How exciting to see a truckload of Gleanings’ food being unloaded as
we drove up to the YWAM house and to realize we would be sharing it
with these people who are in such great need! Plans are to visit and
minister to at least three different tent cities while in
Port-au-Prince.   On Thursday we went to the tent city nearby, walking
through and inviting them to attend a program, and were well received.
 Our hearts were so touched by how they live and yet have joy and we
felt such love as some of the little children held our hands while we
walked through their tent community.  We then had a program with a few
skits and Andria experienced applause after sharing her testimony.
Some of the team felt God calling them to wash the people’s feet,
which was something new for all. We used wet wipes instead of using
water, which is such a precious commodity for them. At first only
children came forward, but eventually some young men in their twenties
and more adults also accepted the invitation. It was very moving and
our hearts were stirred with love and compassion for them. The rest of
the team was able to mingle with the crowd, meeting and praying with
them for their needs. We look forward to returning to this same tent
city. YWAM has actually only been in this house for three weeks and we
are privileged to be the first team to help establish relationship
with the nearby tent city.

Another highlight of the week was attending “Celebriz la Vie”,
Celebration of Life, on the anniversary of last year’s earthquake,
which was held across from the destroyed palace. An overwhelming crowd
of Haitians came to this five hour event to worship God and thank Him
for life, remembering the events of the earthquake, giving testimony
to God sparing their lives. Different ministries shared the vision God
has given them to rebuild the city and bring the people to Him. A
group of amputees sang a beautiful song of praise to God with such
joyful hearts, giving thanks for life! That was touching! The Haitian
crowd awed and blessed us immensely as they raised their hands and
voices to the Heavenly Father, giving thanks in all things. “Rejoice
always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is
God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  I Thess. 5:15-17

We were also reminding ourselves to stay in an attitude of
thanksgiving, as this was very long day for our team. We left the
house at 6 AM and picked up trash before the event – lots of it! Then,
after being in the hot sun for hours, we again gathered many more
garbage bags full of trash after the event. Their culture does now
have the western mentality of putting trash into trash cans, besides
the fact that they seemed to be non-existent. We were wondering why
the people gathered around to watch us putting garbage into bags, as
if it was some grand event. As Fritz asked someone he responded, “I’ve
never seen white people doing this!” Jesus has called us to be
servants in Matt. 20:26 He said, “Whoever desires to become great
among you, let him be your servants.”

John, Ben and Caitlin helped butcher a cow on Friday, which is being
prepared to add to the soup we will serve at the tent cities food
distribution. Well, if you want to know any of the bloody details
you’ll have to ask them yourself! The rest of the team helped wash the
very dirty, cement splattered windows and in the afternoon did a
prayer walk through the neighborhood.

Saturdays will be our days off while here and we enjoyed a leisurely
day of resting, reading, fellowshipping with one another and swimming.
 This was followed up in the evening by a service at the Brazilian
United Nations. Peterson George, the YWAM Port-au-Prince director, was
the speaker. He also invited Fritz to share about the ministry of

On Sundays we will be attending two worship services and promoting the
Port-au-Prince DTS program by performing dramas and having two
students share something God has done in their life through the DTS.
They are praying for 50 students; 25 Haitian and 25 foreigners.

Thanks for your continued prayers. A few of us have had some
intestinal issues and colds, but nothing serious. We’d appreciate
prayer for our health. Also pray that we would have humble servant
hearts that please the Lord with obedience and for the tent ministry
times. Our desire is to see many receive Jesus, know His love, and
that He is the hope for their nation and each individual. We want to
love them with the love of Jesus and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit
in whatever He asks us to do.