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What a big job!  I’m going to try and describe what we did, otherwise even looking at the pictures wouldn’t make much sense.  One of our wells is located on the Southeast corner of the property.  We cleaned and serviced the pump and put it back down in the well.  The challenge comes when you realize this well is over one thousand feet deep!  We are using a special water hose instead of metal pipe, to make the job easier.  When you look at the close-up pictures you can see we have banded the rubber hose together with the heavily insulated power cord.  The power cord alone weighs over a pound per foot.  In order to control the pump, hose, and cord as they descend into the well, we used a couple tractors, chains, a pulley, and a whole lot of people power!  First, we laid it all out – along the entire length of the property.  Then, when all was ready, the signal was given, and we began to slowly walk the pipe toward the well.  Special power washer sprayers were rigged up to wash the mud off the hose for its descent into the well.  A special thank you to all who worked on this special project!