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Submit by: Cierra
The first year i went to Gleanings i had been going through a really tough time i had just found out that my mom and step dad were getting a divorce just because he wasnt happy. It was a hard thing to go through and i knew i couldn’t do it alone but i never quite new how much i could not. When i attended Gleanings YWAM that first time i felt the precious blood of Jesus flowing through me and it was then that i whole heartedly commited myself to living a life completely dedicated to him. I knew what was happening, i was falling head over heals in love with Jesus. The work that Gleanings does does not only work you physically but it works you spiritually through the music, the messages, and most definitely the people. The music at Gleanings taught me what it meant to praise Jesus with all that was within me and to really let go and to forget about what everyone around me thought when i lifted my hands to praise the Lord, because noone cared, everyone was raising their hands proclaiming the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ. The messages taught me how to listen to the Lord and to put my new found love to work and lastly it taught me my true purpose, which i discovered when Charity shared her mission testimony about Haiti, I was being called life as a missionary again. I already knew that i was being called to be a missionary God haad already reveled that to me the year before but i had brushed it off saying it was not type of thing. Gleanings helped me to realize that it was my thing and that there was no way getting around it and i really truely did not want to get around it anymore. I wanted and want to be a missionary. Gleanings was such a wonderful experience that i never wanted to leave i wish still to live there and work for the Lord every day of my life; get a DTS and go on missions through WYAM or to stay at Gleanings and work. I decided that this was my dream partly because of the divorce we were getting kicked out of our house and i were not certain where we were going to live. I saw the many houses along the road and thought to myself, “Hey, what if we could live here, would not that be awesome,” so as you Gleanings really changed my life and i still long to be there every day of my life working for the Lord along with some of the most spectacular people in the world because a life not done for the Lord is pointless. Thank you for your Time, God bless