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No Rain On This Parade!

No Rain On This Parade!

The forecast this morning here at Gleanings called for rain.  And when it rains it gets muddy, and when it gets muddy, you really don’t want 50 people walking around in the mud – it gets on everything!  We did, however, want to spend some time to walk the solar field and recognize what the Lord has done!  The weather was fair in the morning, so we took advantage.  What a great time; we saw the solar field up close and talked about the provision and grace received to be able to get this huge undertaking completed!

Discipleship Training School

In less than 2 months, we will be starting our first DTS in two years!  Everything seems to be coming together for Gleanings to be able to jump back into training next generation missionaries the fundamentals of hearing from the Lord and who they are in Christ!  This is a season of transition and change for us and we need prayer!  Veteran YWAM DTS leaders Stan and Nancy Bracy will be joining us to help lead the DTS, and will be joined by Gleanings staffers Dean and Sue Ross.  All while Cindy Meier is mentoring Kathryn Pepper in the area of being a DTS Director.

June Prayer Requests

  • Summer Staff to grow in their talents and leadership skills, and to grow closer to the Lord
  • Safety for all the teams as they travel here this summer, and safety for everyone working to process the peaches
  • Blessings over all volunteers and all donors
  • Food that is en route to hungry people—customs, delivery, distribution
  • People receiving the food to receive nourishment, rejuvenation, and hope in Christ
  • Discipleship Training School (DTS) starting in the fall
  • The Holy Spirit to guide us and cover us in all we do
  • Gleanings staff and their families—provision, strength, peace
  • Remaining funding needed for our solar system and the installation process

Prayer requests

Please pray for the following:
-Summer Staff to work and minister for the upcoming peach season. Direction and wisdom as we strategize and organize the Summer Staff program.
-Our next Discipleship Training School will be held this fall! Students, staff, speakers, and God’s heart and plan are needed for this school!
-We always need product for our soup mix! We would love to have more vegetables to add to our dried soup!
-Gleanings is going SOLAR! Some financing is in place, but please pray God would release more funds. We are applying for grants that would specifically be used for that purpose.

Solar power for Gleanings

Please pray for the funds for us to be able to complete the task of going solar.  A solar system will greatly offset our electric costs saving us 10’s of thousands of dollars each year – for many years to come!  We are excited about that, but would really not want to go into debt over it.  Pray for the funds to all come in!

Pray for upcoming outreaches

Gleanings is going on outreach to Greece for 3 weeks, and also to Haiti for 10 days!  Please pray for signs and wonders and for souls to be saved.  Of course we want to bring mercy ministry and help meet the physical needs of people in practical ways too!

Also please pray for financial provision for those who are answering the call to go, and are lacking the means.