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Our ministry relies on God’s provision. Will you join us in both prayer and praise for the following?

The Summer – A lot of preparation goes into making the summer fruit season a success. The fruit season relies on a steady supply of donated fruit; we pray the Lord will bring a bountiful harvest not just for us but to bless the growers in the valley.  We are also in need of more Summer Staff to help see our summer season through.

The Soup Plant – We are extremely grateful to see the fumigation tunnels almost complete! And in addition to drying fruit, we plan on working in the soup plant during the summer. We are in need of a continuous flow of soup product in order to accomplish this.

Development – It has been a goal for many years to install a solar system on the property to cut down energy costs and expand our operations. Will you join us in prayer to see God’s movement in this endeavor?

Staff – Several of our young staff members are transitioning out of their positions at Gleanings; as a result, several staff positions are need of being filled. Will you pray that God will bring the right people along to join our staff family?