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Volunteer Fruit Season



Youth groups from Christian churches and other volunteers are needed from the beginning of June to the first week of September. We welcome junior high and high school age youth, along with their leaders, from churches all over the U.S. and Canada. The Lord has prepared a good work that brings His love to the lost. Gleanings For The Hungry is the perfect place for you and your hard working youth. It takes 80 people to run the processing line at peak efficiency.

We request that teams make a one-week commitment.


When you arrive Sunday afternoon your group can get settled in. We do not provide a meal on Sunday evening. We work from 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. There will a thorough orientation before work starts on Monday. Every day starts with chapel time, after which the job assignments are given for the day. We also work on Saturday morning until noon, with teams departing after lunch. We ask that you clean dorm rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. before leaving, in preparation for the next group.

Monday to Friday, we provide three meals a day and two snacks. On Saturday we provide breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is served at 7 am. From 12 pm – 1 pm, we break for lunch. Dinner is served at 5:30 pm.

Additional activities are offered, such as a bowling night and reduced price water tickets for 1/2 a day. There is a swimming pool at our facilities, offering refreshment after the day’s work.


Leadership must include a woman to sleep in the girl’s dorm and a man for the boy’s dorm. One adult per 7 – 10 youth is recommended.

It is very important that each person brings a signed medical release form in case of an accident or illness. Also, any medical information regarding allergies or any other medical restrictions is very helpful.

To help defray the cost of the food and housing we ask each person to pay $150 per week. If you are interested in participating in bowling or the water park please have each person bring additional funds for these activities.

Working with fruit can be messy. For work hours it is best for each person to bring a modest T-shirt and shorts and tennis shoes that may be discarded at the end your stay. No flip-flops are to be worn while working. A hat is recommended for the time spent working on the peach field in full sun. Also, don′t forget to bring a swimsuit and towel for the pool!

Each person will need to bring personal items such as soap, shampoo, bath towels, sunscreen,  etc. We also recommend each person bring their own water bottle. It′s very important to stay well hydrated in the summer heat.

An iPod is fine to bring, but may not be used while working on the fruit line.


We have dormitory style rooms available for teams. Bathroom facilities are in close proximity. Our dorm rooms are made up of twin sized bunk beds. Each person will need to bring a sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket, as well as a pillow.

Laundry facilities are available to long-term volunteers. The washing machines require HE (High-Efficiency) soap.  A suggested donation for the use is $1.00 per load.

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