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Friends Helping Friends

One of our stewardship responsibilities as a Christian is to pass the assets the Lord has given us down to the ones we love in the most cost-effective way possible. Many people do not prepare an estate plan as they simply “do not know how to begin”. We would like to give you some tools that we feel will assist you in this process. We have prepared a Will/ Living Trust booklet that when completed will have the of the information necessary to have a Will or Living Trust prepared. It also contains other information that will assist you in “getting your house in order”. This is our gift to you without cost or obligation.

This process is a way of exploring the opportunities available to you to structure your affairs in the most efficient manner. This opportunity will allow you to explore ways to structure your affairs to ensure you pay less tax, reduce lawyer fees, and explore ways to avoid probate.

We are blessed to have a Gleaning’s volunteer who has worked in the planned giving field for over 30 years. He has a passion for helping Christians take care of their hard-earned assets.  He has the knowledge, tools and information that is not commonly known, to help you structure your affairs effectively.  There is no obligation or cost for this service.

If you have not prepared a will, your state has written one for you that unfortunately may subject your family to unnecessary expenses and delays; your assets will potentially go to the wrong people.

During the year we will provide you with resources, tips, and ideas, to help you make informed decisions to effectively structure your estate. We pray this will be a blessing to you, as you have been a blessing to us.

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