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Gleanings for the Hungry

As a mercy ministry of Youth With A Mission, our mission is to feed the hungry of the world, both physically and spiritually. A large part of fulfilling our mission is the procurement and production of shelf-stable food. In the summer, we dry peaches and nectarines that are not pristine enough for sale. Year round, we produce a dehydrated soup mix, mostly from donated products. We are a destination for all ages to come and volunteer, working together for eternal impact in a hurting world. Everything we produce is given free of charge to partner ministries around the world, to be distributed in impoverished areas, with the love of Jesus.


How sweet is the daylight, and how pleasant it is for someone's eyes to behold the sunshine! Ecclesiastes 11:7 True to the "Joseph" anointing that has been a part of this ministry, we have been working on a major project to put grain silos in place, and incorporate...

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Every bag of dried soup mix and every bucket of dried peaches is a gift to the Lord. Did you know Convoy of Hope tractors and trailers are provided to them by Speed the Light? STL funds all of their donated equipment with children's coin drives. From children's coin...

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Soup Season Starts

Time for a long overdue update!  We have indeed started making soup for the fall season.  In Zec 4:10 it says: " Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin," and that is the motto around Gleanings the last couple of weeks!  We...

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